Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  
It's a great day to let someone know that you love them.  Something creative, a short note, a tasty treat.  Make sure that you let someone know they are special.  It's great practice for doing the same thing every single day of your life.  Valentine's Day is just an excuse to remember to love, in case you've been forgetting lately.

I've been dying to be creative.  I haven't really sewn anything in over a year, and I don't do holiday decor very often.  So it felt great to be able to do both in the same week.  The kids and I got out the paper grocery bags.  I cut mine into a bunch of hearts.  The kids cut their's in no particular pattern.

Then we taped um to the wall.

It was inspired by this, which I found on Dana-made-it.  She always has great ideas.  
(She's also the reason I got motivated enough to look into pintrest.)

Yesterday I really was just itchin' to make something out of some old T-shirts.  So I figured out how to make flowers out of a bunch of circles.

I'm not sure I did it exactly how it's supposed to be done, but it worked out ok.

I came out with two lovely headbands.  I was so happy!  I finally broke my "non-creative" streak.

 It's Valentine's Day, and my kids are testing me in every way.  I guess that's what love is about though...  At the end of the crazy, stressful day you can still say, "I love you more than ever."  So now, before I lose my sanity, I'm going to go give them hugs and tell them I love them.  Have a great, lovely day!