Merry Christmas!  I hope your Christmas was filled with plenty of love, reflection, and laughter.  My Christmas was lovely.  As everything else in my life, it was filled with the humor that only a three year old can bring.  One of my favorites: Addi told my dad, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"  followed by, "I'm thinking we should open presents now."

After Christmas we decided we really ought to send out some Christmas cards, so yesterday we sat down and worked on designing a "Happy New Year" Card.  We spent hours trying to get good family photos last week.  We ran all of them through an app that lightens their appearance and makes the photos look more "warm."  Online they looked great, but when we picked up the hard copies, they looked a bit blurry.  So we learned that just because an app makes something look amazing, it might not be all that great in real life. And more importantly, before you order a bunch of stuff, order one and see if you like it. Oops.

New Year's day is coming soon, and I am looking forward to thinking back on all the ways I have grown and accomplished my goals for this year.  (I didn't get pregnant!  Yay me!)  There are also a lot of ways that I didn't accomplish what I was hoping to. (Sewing machine... What's a sewing machine?)

Most of all I am looking forward to sharing my goals for this next year, and to giving you a sneak peak at what I'm going to be talking about and doing over the next month.  I don't know if you're excited, but I sure am.  

So here's to you!  Happy 2012!  
May your life be filled to the fullest with the Grace and the Peace of God.  
See you next year!