Cupcakes, again

Do you know how hard it is to get one, halfway decent, mainly clear picture of two non-stop toddlers to send to grandma?  Ah, yes.  Yes.  You probably do.  Oh well. Good thing toddlers are so dang cute, even when they aren't smiling!

So...Vegan Cupcakes are Taking over the World.  That's what I heard.  
You just can't believe everything that you hear these days though.

I started looking into vegan eating because my kids won't eat meat.  Do you have this problem?  Their main sources of protein are 1. Milk products, 2. Black Beans, 3. Peanut Butter, and 4. Eggs... (on rare occasion.) I started wondering how Vegans make it.

Then I watched "Forks over Knives," which is brilliant.  It got me thinking about trying a lot harder to eat "whole plant foods" and to not eat as much meat, dairy and processed foods. Don't freak out.  Just stay with me.

So I started looking for a vegan cookbook. I found one called, "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World." I didn't buy it, but I think I will sometime.  It's brilliant.  And you know how much I love anything that has sugar or cupcakes in it. Thus my obsession with I AM BAKER.  I bought a different Vegan Cookbook, but kept thinking about vegan cupcakes.  Why?  Well, because!  Imagine, being able to make cupcakes for your kids, when you have run out of everything in your house and need to make a grocery run.  Imagine, not having to worry about using that last egg.  Plus I like the idea of having fun treats that my "very restricted diet" friend can actually eat!  I found a recipe on "All Recipes," and gave it a shot.  I love it.  It's 100% yummy!  It may possibly be the easiest thing you ever made.  And will keep your kids reaching for more. Try it out for yourself at this Link. (Only thing, don't cook it as long as it tells you.  For cake I find it only needs about 25-30 mins, for cupcakes 15-20 mins.)

Also, have you noticed, you can make anything more fun if you put sprinkles on it?  I have been putting them on a lot of things lately.  Even oatmeal.

 Until next time, have a great week. Go buy yourself some Christmas sprinkles!

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