Summer into Fall

So I have been Gone.  Gone from writing any of my unorganized chaotic thoughts into a sensible, punctuated blog entry.  And now I'm back.  Mainly having to do with this:  every time that I visit my favorite blogs, I feel like there is a blog that I'm missing.  And then it came to me. MINE!  I keep forgetting to update or visit MY blog! Then whenever I think of it I push it off, because writing, unlike reading, requires use of brain cells.  Lots of them.

Fall is coming and its my favorite time of the year.  I always wish I could be strolling through New York City, with someone else's credit card, buying a whole new fall and winter wardrobe. New York aside, I simply love fall. The bright colors and the crunchy leaves. Pumpkins and apples and all sorts of squash to eat.  I'm hoping to start seeing some veggies from my garden soon.  I have lots of food from friends' gardens to tide me over till mine are ready though!  We have been eating PICO de GAILLO everyday its seems, as well as adding tomatoes to every thing I cook and eating cucumbers as a side dish for most dinners. I LOVE IT! mmmm.  Just spell-checking the word cucumber makes my mouth water.

As for my "experiments" in cooking, they have slowed to a halt.  I keep refusing to buy flour.  Because then I make cupcakes.  And then I eat them.  And then I gain back precious pounds that I worked so hard to lose.  And then I go out of the healthy BMI range, and increase my risk of deadly diseases.  Oh my.  But I have been doing other kinds of experiments.  We had a college student move in to our extra bedroom, and she is great at making Pico de Gaillo.  Its actually simple, I just never realized that it is.  So she taught me how to make it.  I am also dabbling in Jam and Jelly making.
I have also started washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar.  I have a friend who has been doing this for about 2 years, and her hair looks great!  She did it to get rid of all the toxic exposure that comes from a bottle of shampoo.  That is what my motivation is too, great looking hair may well be the by product though!   We will see how long this lasts.  If my hair starts smelling like vinegar Hubby will not be happy, but so far my hair smells normal.

Finally, I have started couponning.  Just minimally.  But really, even though I'm not crazy psycho about it yet, I have seen it start to change my mentality.  It has got me thinking, "Really?  REALLY? People PAY for this stuff?" Because there is so much stuff you can get for free, or almost free.  In the month that I have been sort-of-couponning, I have got about $25 of free stuff, and saved about 30-40 dollars on actual purchases.  Its fun for me, because I am a pretty "beaten path" kind of a girl.  Trying new brands on things that I use regularly has been a nice break out of the routine.  Revolutionary.  In the most non-teen-mania way possible.

In other news, I have been thinking a lot about... Drum roll please... Relationships.  Friendships.  Having a perspective outside of just the here and now.  Relating to people on a scale larger than, "I need friends" or "I like you." I have been reading Amy Carmichael, and a quote from her books says of friendship:  "And the two together shall seek undefiled rewards."  And I keep listening to a teaching on Communion, Community, and Eternal Perspective. ( )  It all feels like fresh air to me.  Crisp, Fresh, Fall Air.

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