Pumkpins and Such

Fall has come.  Tree leaves are slowly starting to change colors, rain and clouds have been visiting more often than usual, and pumpkins are on my mind.  I have been thinking of making pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese and spiced frosting. And I think I might use a real pumpkin! As much as there is ease in making pumpkin delights with canned pumpkin, I think I might buy are real pumpkin, and bake up some spicy pumpkin seeds!  I also might hunt down some additional pumpkin recipes from my favorite blog: Dana made it (pumpkin chocolate chip cookies) .  I have a few other "fall" type recipes that I want to use, regarding things like apples, carmel, and both together.  I'll let you know how all this delicious goodness goes after I go shopping.  ;)  Wish me luck.

Besides pumpkins and caramel being on my mind I have been thinking a lot about...
Well.  Not a whole lot.  This week has been a sicky-sicky week for us.  Which has ended up meaning lots of laying around, watching TV, doing nothing.  I hate watching TV.  It is like some type of addictive drug for me.  It grabs me, sucks me in and all I want to do is watch TV.  For about 2-3 days.  By the end of 3 days I am usually SO sick of TV that I don't ever want to watch it again.  Until next time.  When this happens, it generally reinforces my general belief that technology, in large quantities, sucks your brain out.

 I love the feeling of being completely free from any compulsive, or mild, addiction to any TV show, movie, or even just to being entertained. (I'm looking at you, Facebook.)  When I talk to moms' of high school age kids, or to empty nesters they tell me, "That stage just went so fast." (Speaking of the baby/toddler stage.)  I don't want to miss a thing.  I want to be fully available to my kids.  (I think this is one of those things that I talk about every six months or so, but I think its been about six months so I guess I can talk about it again. )  I find that when I am fully available, purposed to be focused, I not only feel more fulfilled, I also have more "fruit of the Spirit."  It is much easier to be patient and kind.  To be fully of joy.   So my kids get a better mom, and I get a more fulfilling life.  I can focus better on what God is calling me to in my life and in my city, and my family life doesn't fall behind.

I was speaking to someone of the difficulties of taking care of family when you are already super busy with "things of God."  There is certainly a balance to be found, however, I always think that if God didn't want my family to be a priority to me, he wouldn't have put them in my family.  Family is a great word for "top priority."  So while you are serving God, and serving your city, don't forget the importance of your family.  God put everyone exactly where they are so that they might possibly reach out and find him.  (see Acts 17:27) Your city, your block, your neighbors can all be totally changed because of you, being exactly where you are.  But first of all, it starts in your house.

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