Where in the world?

This is the blog where I tell you where I have been for the past X amount of weeks.

We have been moving.  And Painting. Don't forget tearing down wall paper.
We had a friend in from out of town.  We had a school reunion. Friends from out of country. The in-laws came into town. Easter was at our place.  I wrote about 3000 words for an actual "job."
To add to the mix, both kids have been off schedule, and Brother has been teething. I have been teaching sister how to read.

But I'm back, and the weekly updates/meditations/ projects will begin again... Starting now!

Teething has been an ongoing process in our house for the last two months. Ongoing like my son sticking his hands in the toilet water if the lid is left open. Ongoing like my son climbing the stairs and me having to chase him so he doesn't fall back down them.  Ongoing like dirty laundry.  Ongoing!

This is a picture of my daughter waiting for dad to bring in the new chairs.  She has loved living in a new house with more running around space.  She has also figured out that people call their fathers "dad" so she has been in limbo between "papa" and "daddy" and "daddy-o." As you can guess, she got the last one from me.  I love adding an O to the end of almost anything!

This is Josh, taking wallpaper off.  I did help, LOTS!  I'm just the photographer!  And I get loopy after a certain time of night anyways and stop being much help.

Here is sister, organizing her toys, with a box on her head.  Not sure how the box helps, but she sure was cute!

Brother is holding an "E" here but don't let him fool you.  That open mouth is saying, "A." 

This is Sister eating a carrot and watching Auntie Kendra do the Rubics cube on Easter.  Easter diner started out as a Eight person thing, (us four and the duffy four).  Then Grandma and Grandpa from Iowa ended up coming for the weekend which was fantastic. Then by the time dinner was served the number was up to at least fifteen.  I'm not sure. But I Love having family who love people and who think that the more the merrier.  It was merry. And I didn't even have to do the dishes!
After Easter I bought an egg dying kit for half off, and plan to use one color every time I boil eggs from now till they run out. with twelve colors, that should last me through till the end of July.  And Pink eggs are way cooler than white eggs.

The last noteworthy thing, besides rummers of Bin Laden being gone, is that I have been reading cooking and baking blogs lately.  Yum.  I will let you know if any of my amazing ambitions turn into realities.  I also plan to make my own jam. But not until next week, I still have one more week of "no sugars no starches."(Fruit doesn't count, I can eat it cause it's ultra healthy!) Anyways, I'll see you all next week, I'm going to go deal with a cute little guy who is SO teething!