This Week: Cupcakes!

This week I did two different types of homemade cupcakes, with two homemade frostings.  I did all of these cupcakes, about 5 dozen, on the same day.  Death by powdered sugar!  Unlike typical "Mary Style," I adhered strictly to each recipe.  Of course, both of the frosting recipes had a little, "use more or less, to get it to the desired consistency. " But besides that,  I was a strict recipe girl.  I couldn't risk wasting time, effort, or ingredients... and for sure didn't want any extra dishes.
And recipes have a good purpose.  To teach you how to cook.  I was so impressed with how both cupcake batches turned out.  I choose Red Velvet cupcakes because I have been wanting to make them for a really long time. Of course, cream cheese frosting accompanied those cupcakes.  Although, really, the frosting or the cupcakes could be eaten entirely without the other!  The second I choose because it required ingredients that I had.  Cinnamon chocolate mocha cupcakes, with a chocolate frosting.  An excellent pairing for a big glass of coffee.

I made these cupcakes for a wedding shower that my "home group" was throwing.  It was a coffee house themed event.   The shower, and the cupcakes were both a big hit.

So to sum up:  I made cupcakes from scratch, frosting from scratch, AND followed a recipe.  I loved it all, but it was a bit much with my two little ones trying to grab the cupcakes right off the counter.  I ended up putting them at the high chair with spoons of frosting, and suffered for it the rest of the afternoon: crazy hormonal kids.  TOO. MUCH. SUGAR.  But the experience was overall fun.  The goal, cupcakes that make people happy, was met, and my kids are back to (as) normal (as they get) this morning.

Chocolate Mocha Deliciousness!

Shower table: My muffins plus fondue fixings!
Oh. Oh. YUM!

Mini Red Velvets with blobs of frosting.