I have said that I want to be doing new things and trying new things every week. Generally what I mean is cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, and the like.  But last week, my new thing was:  I went to New York City!

It was fabulous!  It has been on my to do/to see list for ages, and I was not in the least disappointed! Central Park was breathtaking.  I wish I could spend a whole week there.  Or two really.  The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, though just from the shore, were thought provoking, an emotional kind of experience.  Lovely.  Times Square was perfectly busy and crazy without making me feel like I was crazy.  And rooftop dinner with an overlook onto The Empire State Building was fantastic.

Beyond what is in New York to see, I loved riding the bus, taking the train into the city, (our hotel was in Jersey) and walking excessive amounts of blocks.  I loved the street vendors, and being able to hear and feel the subway passing under the street.  I loved it.

My ticket to New York Penn Station.
I never realized that public transportation could be this easy!

Central Park:
I found Narnia!

Times Square

A Wedding Photo Shoot in Central Park: Genius!

Exotic Looking flowers.  At McDonald's of all places.
No, we didn't go all the way to NYC for McDonald's.
But they had a bathroom.

NYC.  I might want to move there.  But I think I won't.  Not for now.  But I did love it.  And I must stay that for all the "creepy people" that are supposed to be in New York, and for all the warning we got that people wouldn't be friendly,  we met rather kind people.  I am suspicious that more weird, freaky people live in our town in Wisconsin, than do NYC.