Cookies, round one.

Hello. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the women who "make the world go 'round".

Yesterday I followed through with my "more domestic and creative me," by making cookies.  I was wanting to make cupcakes, but really it just seemed like too much at the time.  I looked up a few recipes and my kids were being cranky, and trying to bang on the computer, so I put the computer and my favorite baking blogs down.  Then I remembered that I had been wanting to make the oatmeal cookies recipe from the lid of the oats container.

As I confessed last week, I'm not really one to stick completely to a recipe, unless its something unknown to me. (For instance, souffl├ęs.) To my cookie batch I added nutmeg, cocoa powder, and flax seeds.  The nutmeg was kind of weird tasting with the rest of the flavors, I will leave it out next time around.  The flax seeds were great, but my kids kept choking on them, so next time I will only add them to half the batch, or I will use flaxseed meal. I also excluded the vanilla, but only because I couldn't find it!

Sister tried to eat the cocoa powder.  Which resulted in choking and crying.  The picture is of her after the incident, just stirring the cocoa powder with her spoon. She learned a good life lesson: some things are better left alone!  However, the butter, sugars and cocoa powder, well, that was probably better than the cookies themselves!
Now is a great time to say that I can't bring myself to buy "PURE SUGAR," you know, the bleached, white sugar that normal people buy.  Can't do it.  I just can't do it. I was going to buy some this last time I went grocery shopping, in the name of making my grocery money go further.  But as I reached for the bag of "Pure Sugar" I had visions of Fort Morgan's sugar beet factory, and the nasty chemicals, and the stink, and the "by-product" sulfur ponds.  Eeeewwwww!  So I ended up buying the organic sugar that is the same color as brown sugar, but just crisper.  Next time, I think I will just buy brown sugar.

Photo from
Fort Morgan's *Nasty* Sugar Beet Factory

My kids were extremely happy to have mom baking again.  But let me tell you, kids aren't very HELPFUL!  Despite the happy ending, the entire baking process was filled with Brother crying, and mama stoping to try to figure out what he needed.  In the end he got a short nap.  The kids were very helpful with eating the cookies though. I brought a few cookies outside for me and the kids.  We are using every opportunity we get to be outside in our very own yard!  Brother wasn't thrilled when the cookies were gone, but he did get another cookie at lunch. (As a self control measure I put half of the dough into a ziplock and put it in the freezer.  Because you know I could eat the whole batch myself.)

For Mother's Day I got to sleep in, and had starbucks Carmel Macciado and a Rocky Road pop in bed. (Along with more nutricious things as well.)  I love that My husband brought me a Rocky Road Pop.  I have been waiting to try one for almost 3 months. (My third stage of my diet ended on Friday, if you are wondering!)

Photo is from
I'm sure they don't mind me braggin on them!

Whatever your Mother's Day did or did not include, I hope you felt inspired to be MOM!  I hope that you felt loved and that you appreciated whatever gestures of Love and Thankfulness came your way.  Being a mom can be a tight rope between learning to live and give selflessly, while also figuring out who you are and what your needs are.  Deep humility mixed with determination, love, and confidence.

My mother's day gift was buying a few plants
to start a little veggie garden. Wish me luck!

I bought this dress for Sister, for ZERO dollars.
Thanks Kohl's for a great Mother's day present.

Next blog I may possibly talk about being extreme, being calm, and Dave Hasz.
And possibly more cookies.

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