Journey of Life

Whenever I am trying to lose weight, I am keenly reminded that life is not meant to be rushed through.  I have to tell myself over and over not to just focus on getting the day done.  It takes discipline to live in the moment, enjoying the small moments of laughter or soaking up the sunshine. Because really, I just want to be done with the focus and effort that losing weight takes, and to be at my healthy, happy goal. "Maintaining Effortlessly."

I am reminded that in every hard step, day, or season of life, that I want to be fully present.  Do I love diapers? NO, but I don't want to spend my baby's days in a hurried or wishful mentality.  I want to enjoy and commemorate the good.  Maybe I will learn valuable lessons from the things that stretch me.  Maybe it will develop character.  But even if it doesn't, I don't want to rush the moment.  Life is a journey.  It isn't something that I understand.  But it is something that I want to embrace for as long as I have breath.  I don't want to waste sunshine and toddler kisses.  I don't want to waste baby dance parties or reading books with little humans and little stuffed animals.  I also don't want to miss whatever it is that I need to be learning in this season of life. (Endurance?  Cheerfulness?)

When I am old and grey, I hope that I will have spent enough time living with out distraction, that I will have a relatively sharp memory of all the delightful things that have made up my life.  And by the time I am old and grey, most of the hard things, (like getting thrown up on, every hour all night long) will just be a good laugh.  And so I remind myself, to soak up the moment, and enjoy  (and endure) whatever today may bring.