Busy reading blogs

I haven't had anything to say for a while.  Its not that I have been speechless or anything.  Its just that, well, I have been spending my computer time reading other people's blogs.  I love blogs.  They are my favorite thing about modern technology.  I love them because they inspire me.

They inspire me to think differently.  To conquer fun projects...or at least to want to!  (Common motivation, time, energy... Kick in already!) They remind me that being a mom is hard work but totally worth it. And the beautiful pictures of cakes and handmade toys are like eye candy. And make me wish I had a "real" camera!  Why do I love blogs?  Because they take me into a world where anything is possible.  Where color is vivid.  Where the hard things of life are funny, and motivational.  Where people are (as it would seem) open and honest and vibrant.  I love the blog world.

My favorite "aspiring author" blog is currently:
~Sarah Free~

My longstanding favorite creative blog:

My newest finds:

Sorry, I didn't figure out how to make those actual links, you will have to copy and paste if you want to explore them.  I would figure it out, but guess who's children are anti-nap today...pick me, pick me!

Do you love the Blog world?  Why?  What are your favorite blogs to follow?