Final Answer: "I don't know"

So you find out you're pregnant, remember? And you tell your (mom, co-worker, sister-in-law) and they say. . . Something really opinionated. Like:
You HAVE to get an epidural RIGHT AWAY.
(I didn't get one at all.)
You MUST eat crackers so you don't have morning sickness.
(Saltines MADE me SICK after about 2 weeks.)

And on, and on. Welcome to motherhood. Everyone has their perfect answer, and they want to blast you with it. You learn very quickly that you need a strong opinion with a convincing argument for everything you say. Otherwise people jump down your throat. But you don't have to know everything.
It's fine to have strong opinions. (I have many.) Do your research, think about stuff objectively. But no one has everything figured out. It takes humility and character to admit you that don't know something. To give your opinion with a disclaimer. And, it lends some mystery to life. You're aware that what you know about your world is small compared to the wisdom of the Infinite Creator.

So here are my humbly strong opinions on having humbly strong opinions:
~I do want to be solid in the answers I give people~
~I want to admit it when I don't know the answer~
~I want my kids to feel free to talk with me about the hows & whys of life~
~I want to leave God as all knowing, all powerful. I want to be able to say, "I don't Know." Because what I do know is that He is the Giver of Wisdom. I would rather admit I don't know something, and have Him give me increased understanding. I don't want to pretend I know something, resulting in me not seeking God, and not being humble, and therefore not gaining understanding and wisdom. ~
But thats just my opinion.

Questions to ponder:
~Am I someone who corners others with my opinions?~
~Do I always have to be right?~
~Are my friends/kids able to talk with me about the how's and the why's of life, without feeling shut down?~
~Do I allow for a little bit of mystery in life?~