Snowy Opportunities

Today I did it.
I was planning on going home. I had just finished running a five minute errand that took about an hour. But the snow was glistening in the sun, and it seemed like an opportunity that I would be missing, so I drove a few extra blocks just to drive around the snow-sparkling park. And while I was driving around the park I thought, what the heck. Why not go out, freezing cold and all, and actually enjoy it for 1 minute.

So I pulled over the car and got Sister out. We walked around. Ran around. Kicked the snow. Threw it in the air. Took a few pictures. Ran back to the car.
Brother is screaming at this point, Sister is freezing. Binkis, Blankies =Happy.
We went home and immediately commenced nap time.

But the mere idea of running around in the snow, at the park, got me started thinking. I used to be a really spontaneous person. I could not go to the lake in the summer and not get wet. And I couldn't really get in my car and go anywhere without accidentally ending up at the lake. I had a lot of fun. I made so many happy memories.
But now, now I am a mom. And I would rather stay home most of the time than do something fun. As moms we are required to become so much more practical. I've just had to learn to do everything in multiples of two. With extra diapers, snacks, the list goes on. And two changes of clothes. Yes, because if they are anything like me they will fall into the pond "accidentally."

But I was thinking, we have to challenge ourselves as moms, to step outside of the box, and do things that are bold. Things that are memories in the making. Because its true: we do rule and subdue our houses. I clean and cook. I stop Brother from pulling Sister's hair, and keep Sister from sitting on Brother. But beyond the "tasks" of motherhood, we are called to love. To enjoy and cherish our children. To teach them how to enjoy all of the wonderful gifts God has given us. Like snow, sunshine, and time spent with family. Step out of the box. Out of the box, mom. Be Bold!

So my challenge to myself today was stepping out and doing something out of the ordinary. I did it because I knew if I missed that opportunity, I would be sorry. I did it because I know that things get busy, and I want to enjoy snow and sunshine when they are both present at the same time. And that little five minutes changed my whole day. And my whole mood. And I got some really cute pictures.

What ways are you challenging yourself today?
How are you making memories this week?
What opportunities are you not willing to missing?